Literature 29: Perfect Timing with Daniel Pink


Chances are you have bad timing on at least one thing in your life. When you should brainstorm, ask your boss for a raise, have a medical procedure…Daniel Pink spent two years reviewing 700 scientific studies on the perfect timing for just about everything we do and all the decisions we make. He even adjusted several things in his life thanks to his findings. In this interview, he enlightens us on perfect timing, gives us some insight into his writing process and reveals some of his best critics and aids (here’s a hint – they share his same last name).

Student Tools

Student Tool 66: Video Reflection Worksheet

Students can use this activity on their own to share their learning and insights about any video they watch independently, and this Student Tool can also be used in conjunction with Teacher Tool 318: Sharing Your Insights Through A Reflection Worksheet as part of a classroom or homeschool activity. This tool can be used with any video on the Educate.Today website.


Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 299: Cross Curricular Activity--Evaluating Pre-Recorded Interviews

This cross-curricular teacher tool, accompanying the video above, is designed to get students thinking about: 1) how pre-recorded interviews can be used to learn information on topics such as those discussed in the video, and 2) the effectiveness of this interview specifically in helping their learning on this topic as well as the effectiveness (strengths and weaknesses) of interviews in general as a source of information.


Teacher Tool 318: Cross Curricular Activity--Video Reflection

This teacher tool, accompanying the video above, provides an Interdisciplinary activity that invites students to complete a reflection worksheet to share learning and insights they gained by watching the video. This tool can be used with any video on the Educate.Today website.