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With over 2200 videos as of May 2022 and continually growing with new videos each month, our streaming video library is available for anyone with a Monthly or Yearly Membership.

First Person, Real World, Expert Driven videos for students from elementary grades through high school in Arts, Business and Careers, Character Education, English Language Arts, History and Social Studies, Sciences and STEM.

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Arts–Travel to the studios, galleries, rehearsal rooms, and performance spaces of artists in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts to learn from their work, performances, and perspectives on the artistic, creative, practical, and powerful aspects of their art.

Business and Careers–Discover the challenges and opportunities in diverse businesses and careers as entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in various fields take students to their workplaces and share their experiences, insights, and inspiration.

Character Education–Learn the value of helping others and the power of positive character traits as individuals and organizations share what they do to make a difference in the world.

English Language Arts–Go beyond the page and inside the head of authors, playwrights, poets, reporters, editors, producers, and other creators of stories as they share examples of their work, offer their perspectives on writing, and discuss the power and responsibility of storytelling.

History and Social Studies–Use the power of primary sources to bring history and social studies to life. Explore history through first person recollections of those who were there when it happened and with historians, scholars, and re-enactors guided by primary source text, video, and images. Explore cultures, community, geography, and government through first person stories, tours, interviews, and demonstrations with professionals and participants involved.

Sciences and STEM–Join scientists, researchers, engineers, and other professionals in the lab, on the job, or out in nature to observe science and STEM concepts in action as they share their discoveries, explain their research, and demonstrate what they do and how they do it.