How Does That Work Video Series
Grades: 3 - 8

In this STEM-oriented series investigate the workings behind fascinating phenomena and everyday processes and machines in the man-made and natural worlds. Videos feature experts and practitioners filmed on location or in studio explaining and/or demonstrating how fascinating phenomena and everyday processes and machines work. Each video in the series is two to six minutes in length, standards-aligned, and is accompanied by quick ideas for using the video.

To view a sample video in the series, click on the video above.  To view additional videos in the series, click on any of the thumbnails to the right and become a member of Educate.Today. 

Quick Ideas for Using Videos in this Series:

  • Use the video in conjunction with vocabulary building by either selecting words in advance for students to listen for or by asking students to view the video and select interesting words of their choice.  After viewing the video, have students hypothesize meanings based on what they learned in the video and then compare their hypotheses to the actual meanings by looking up definitions.  Students can then write sentences using the words in context and share their sentences in pair, group, or whole class settings.
  • Have students research the topic of the video further and collaborate/share their findings through a power point presentation, short essay, or video clip created by the student.
  • Use the video as a template for student creation of their own “How Does That Work” video on a topic of their choice.  Share student videos in class, on a school district website, or in another forum of your choice.