How Did It Change With Your Friends When the Nazis Took Over?
Grades: 6 - 12

Video Description: New November 2022! Ilse Altman speaks about the speed with which Jews were met with violence and segregation.

Type of Video: Segment*
Unique Video ID: Holocaust-48**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • After viewing this video, remind students that for such a change to happen, people had to perpetrate the violence. Yet there were people who resisted, either physically by arming themselves and others, or spiritually, such as by teaching children in the concentration camps. Have your students research and select one of these people and create a presentation of their activities helped Jews during World War II.
  • There are many Holocaust survivor videos on the Educate.Today website; use the keyword “Holocaust.” These may be used as prompts for think pair share activities, jigsaws, small group discussions, journaling, and dramatic play. Their stories are also available for individual study, research projects or National History Day projects.

To learn more about Ilse Altman’s experiences, check out the full program this segment is edited from: Survivors of the Holocaust.

*Segment videos are short excerpts edited from interviews or interactive programs that offer flexible and differentiated ways to use the rich content included in the full-length conversation.

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