Have You Ever Wondered Video Series
Grades: 3 - 8

Have you ever wondered about the who, what, where, when, why, or how of something?  Then check out short and engaging videos in this cross-curricular series to find your answer. Videos feature experts and practitioners filmed on location or in studio explaining and/or demonstrating a specific concept, topic, tool, process, or procedure in their field. Each video in the series is two to six minutes in length, standards-aligned, and designed for use in the discipline of the question featured as well as in cross curricular applications.

To view a sample video in the series, click on the video above.  To view additional videos in the series, click on any of the thumbnails to the right and become a member of Educate.Today. 

Quick Ideas for Using Videos in this Series:

  • Allow the students to watch the “Have You Ever Wondered” video once as a normal viewing.  Then show the video a second time without the sound.  Have the students take notes and write ideas on a response sheet while watching a second time.  Have students share what they collected from the viewing without sound and compare to the audio from the program.
  • Have students research the topic of the “Have You Ever Wondered” video further and collaborate/share their findings through a power point presentation, short essay, or video clip created by the student.
  • Before showing the video, present the “Have You Ever Wondered” question to the students and allow them to first come up with their own answers and/or thoughts to the question posed in the program.  After viewing the video with the class compare their original answers/thoughts to the information learned from the video.  Allow students to discuss/collaborate what they thought vs. what they learned.