Good Night, Sleep Tight: Helping Your Students Sleep

Grades: K - 12


On today’s episode I will be sitting down with Kim West, best-selling author and family therapist who has been lovingly titled “The Sleep Lady,” In her work as a family therapist and busy mom, Kim dreamed of a deep, restful sleep. While conventional wisdom promoted a cry-it-out approach to sleep training, Kim knew that was not her style. Over time, she gently helped her first daughter get to sleep, fine-tuning a process over the years which later became a world-renowned sleep method that has helped over 1 million families finally get some rest. 

Kim has gained international recognition as an expert on baby and child sleep, and her step-by-step method, known as the Sleep Lady Shuffle, has empowered hundreds of thousands of families to find gentle, customized sleep solutions—and get some rest.

Kim has authored multiple books including the groundbreaking The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle, Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well Without Leaving Them to Cry It Out. She has offered her expertise on national television programs including Dr. PhilThe Today ShowGood Morning America, and more.


During this conversation we will be discussing the reasons students aren’t getting enough sleep and how it affects their growth and development. 


Link to Kim’s website