Going Green
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Grades: 3 - 12

Celebrate the beauty of the earth with activities focused on innovative ways to protect the environment and tried and true options for reducing, reusing, and recycling your waste.

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    Quick Ideas for Going Green:

    • To honor your local waste collectors as part of Global Garbage Man Day, conduct a family “waste inventory” for a week or two in your home to monitor what’s being recycled, what’s being thrown away, and what you can do to be more “green.” For information about reducing, reusing, and recycling options and easy ways to implement them, check out these ET videos.
    • If you’ve got some young gardeners, why not have them learn how to create compost for their garden using waste and worms? To learn about the how and why of vermicomposting, check out these ET videos.
    • Have students research their community to find alternative and green forms of energy being used in your town and contact a business/individual of their choice to interview to learn more about what green energy they’re using and why. To help them develop questions before heading out or to expand their learning after, have your learner check these ET videos highlighting green energy options. Using information from the videos and the interview have them create a video, chart, or project board sharing their learning.
    • Got some aspiring architects or interior designers? Why not have them create a design for their ideal “green” house, store, or office? Let them learn about green design practices in these ET videos.