Fun with Physics
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Grades: 3 - 12

It was on July 5, 1687 when Sir Isaac Newton first described the law of gravity. Celebrate the man considered the first physicist with fun physics activities incorporating our Educate.Today videos about the science behind bowling and roller coasters.

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    Quick Ideas for Summer Learning through Fun with Physics:

    • Combine a family trip to the amusement park with some physics about roller coasters. Before the outing, have your kids watch these ET videos to see physics come to life in roller coaster design and operation. Then apply that learning to the energy and inertia in action you see while enjoying your day of rides.
    • Enjoy the fun of designing and building a roller coaster of your own. Have your child watch these ET videos to learn how a roller coaster architect does his work and to see examples of student-built roller coasters. Then set your learner loose to design and build with Legos, paper, cardboard, and other materials of their choice.
    • Got a rainy day or just need some air conditioned comfort? Combine physics with a trip to the bowling alley. See how Newton’s Laws of Motion apply to bowling in these ET videos and have your learners enjoy the fun of strikes and spares while calculating the velocity of their bowling ball.
    • Have your child share their understanding of the physics concepts explored in the activities above by creating their own video demonstrating how one of Newton’s laws is applied in their life. For an example from another young learner, check out this ET video.