Free Interactive 6: What Does Freedom Mean? (Interact Live February 20, 2019)

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What does freedom mean? This essential question is one that all of us think about at some point in our lives whether we answer it with a philosophic perspective about the importance of free speech or with a practical perspective about the ability to move to any place we want to live. But what if you were not permitted to act on what freedom meant to you? What if you were not allowed free speech or free movement?

As part of Black History Month, Educate.Today invites you to explore this question and answers of your own and our guests through the lens of the African-American experience in American history. Interact with historians, sociologists, activists, and writers. Hear the stories of black Americans told in their own words. Contemplate what freedom means and what steps must be taken to guarantee its meaning through a daylong series of programs that explore freedom suits, the Underground Railroad, Emancipation and post-Civil War America, Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights Movement, and being a change agent in America today.

This program is funded in part through a grant provided by the Missouri Humanities Council.  A program schedule and additional program details will be available soon.