Celebrating Women’s History (Interact Live March 21, 2019)


This program is now complete.  The original program promo is available above.  Archived editions from the interviews below are now available for each guest.  Just click on the guest name below to be taken to their particular program. 

Celebrate Women Making History with Theresa Carrington, founder of Ten by Three

Theresa Carrington, Chief Executive Officer of Ten by Three, shares the story of the companies founding, the models it uses to eradicate poverty in third world villages, and the importance of empowering women to make a difference in the life of those villages.

Celebrate Women Making History with Joan Elhoffer, owner of seven McDonald’s Restaurants 

Joan Elhoffer, owner of seven McDonald’s Restaurants in the St. Louis area, shares her story of rising from working at a McDonald’s counter at age 16 to being an owner/operator today.  During the conversation she shares her insights on setting goals, the importance of education and training, running a successful business, and having women in leadership positions.

Celebrate Women Making History with Women in Journalism

Award winning journalist Sharon Stevens hosts a panel of extraordinary St. Louis area journalists for an insightful conversation on the challenges, opportunities, and importance of being a woman in journalism.  Guests include Valerie Schremp Hahn, features reporter STL Post-Dispatch and Betsey Bruce, retired reporter/anchor KTVI-TV and KMOV-TV.  Together they discuss the importance of women in media, how their roles have expanded over the years, and their belief in the power and importance of the media.

Celebrate Women Making History with Laurna Godwin, President and co-founder of Vector Communications 

For more than 30 years, Laurna Godwin has been using her communications skills to inform and educate people about issues affecting how they live, work and play.  She is a three-time Emmy award winning broadcast journalist who today is a partner and co-founder of Vector Communications Corporation, a public engagement and communications consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri whose motto is “advancing learning, dialogue and positive change.”  She shares the story of creating and growing her business, her perspective on the importance of communication, and strategies for creating clear and impactful communication to enhance public engagement and understanding of public issues.

Celebrate Women Making History with Linda Nance, Founding President of the Annie Malone Historical Society

Linda Nance, founder of the Annie Malone Historical Society, shares the story of Annie Malone, the process for creating an historical foundation in her honor,  and what she believes we can all learn from this amazing woman.  During the interview Linda shares artifacts from her collection, details of Annie Malone’s life and impact, and answers student questions on these topics as well as on the challenges  that come with creating an historical society.

Celebrate Women Making History with Caryn Dugan, STL Veg Girl 

Rooted deep in the St. Louis food and wellness scene, Caryn Dugan is STLVegGirl, a plant-based nutrition and culinary and lifestyle educator with a simple mission, “A Plant on Every Plate™.”  In this wide ranging conversation, Caryn shares her motivations for entering this field, the science behind her work, and the process of creating and growing a successful business of her own from scratch.

Celebrate Women Making History with Cindy Collins, radio air talent and voice over artist 

Cindy Collins, 30 year veteran radio air talent and voice over artist, discusses what it’s like to work in radio today, shares stories of how the industry has changed, and offers advice for students interested in pursuing a career in the field.  Hers is a career that has spanned from spinning records and splicing tape to working in a completely digital environment, and now she’s also producing a podcast, “American Potluck,” which features socially diverse guests and explores the physical, mental and spiritual roles food plays in our lives.

Celebrate Women Making History with Kathryn Tristan, research scientist and book author

Research scientist and book author Dr. Kathryn Tristan shares her joy and excitement of being a scientist and a book author.  In addition to being a research scientist on the faculty at Washington University School of Medicine, Kathryn has written and coauthored more than 120 articles in leading health publications under her professional name, Kathryn Liszewski, as well as published articles in mainstream publications, such as Parade and Psychology Today.  She is a member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and the American Association of Immunologists.  Her most recent book is “Why Worry?  Stop Coping and Start Living.”

Celebrate Women Making History with Debra Peppers, motivational speaker and member of the National Teacher Hall of Fame

National Teacher Hall of Fame member and motivational speaker Debra Peppers looks back over her career and discusses the importance of teaching and the qualities she believes are most essential to being a successful teacher.  With a PhD in communication, Dr. Peppers’ mission is to motivate and re-kindle passion, while maximizing the talents and expertise of the people she speaks to.  Learn more about her at www.pepperseed.com.