Inspire Your Heart with Art (Interact Live January 24, 2019)
Grades: K - 12

Video Description: This program is now complete.  The original program promo is available above.  Archived segments from the interviews below are now available for each guest.  Just click on the guest name below to be taken to their particular program. 

Inspire Your Heart with Photographic Artist Sandy Brooks

Nature and wildlife photographic artist Sandy Brooks shares what fascinates her about photography and provides insight into certain photographic techniques she finds especially inspiring and useful.  See examples of what you can do with your photographs through the use of apps like Snapseed and Light Room.  In addition to this interview with Sandy, you can learn more about her with another video on our website, Visual Arts 119, and at the website of Academy of Nature and Wildlife Arts.

Inspire Your Heart with Julia Flood, Artistic Director, Metro Theater Company

Be inspired by Julia Flood, Artistic Director of Metro Theater Company, a theater for young audiences.  She shares insights into the world of theatre as we discuss the power and importance of theatre, acting, directing, the role of an artistic director, and more.  See examples of scenes from Metro Theater Company productions as part of the conversation.

Inspire Your Heart with Fiber Artist Gabrielle Corley

Gabrielle Corley loves fabric and all the cool things she can do with it as she weaves on her looms of various sizes to create all sorts of fiber arts pieces.  Learn what inspires her about art, how she creates her pieces, and get inspired yourself about what you can do with fabric.

Inspire Your Heart with Metals and Glass Fusion Artist Taylor Adams 

Taylor Adams finds the combination of glass and metal fascinating and beautiful and, as a result, she creates beautiful and fascinating pieces of art.  Meet Taylor and learn about the processes she uses to create her pieces, why she chooses to use the mediums she does, and get inspired by art.

Inspire Your Heart with Artist and Gallery Curator Robert Powell

Robert Powell, artist, educator, and founder/executive director of Portfolio Gallery, shares his love of art, specifically art created by African-Americans, and offers his insights into the process of curating art in a gallery as he discusses the works displayed at his own Portfolio Gallery. The mission of Portfolio Gallery & Education Center is to educate, enrich lives and foster a greater awareness of American artists of African American heritage. Learn more about the gallery at its website.

Inspire Your Heart with Multimedia Artist Jenny Murphy from Perennial STL

Multimedia artist Jenny Murphy uses recycled materials of various types to create her art and help others to do the same.  See examples of her work, learn about the various mediums she enjoys to use when creating her work, and gain insight into the processes she uses to create.  Learn more about her organization, Perennial STL, and see examples of art created through creative recycling at their website.

Inspire Your Heart with Theatre Critic Bob Wilcox 

Meet Bob Wilcox, a theatre critic and reviewer with over 30 years experience.  He shares his passion for theatre and his insights into the art and craft of being a reviewer of theatre productions of all types.  See more examples of Bob’s reviews on the website of his current review program, “Two on the Aisle.

Inspire Your Heart with Multimedia Artist Mike Pagano

Mike Pagano is an artist, designer, and facilitator based in Saint Louis City; focusing on video and music production, multi-media art, and performance. He has over 17 years of experience working with many of the leading arts institutions in the Saint Louis area, including COCA, Craft Alliance, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, and most recently the Nine Network of Public Media.  Mike is also a Teaching Artist at GoodVoice STL/STL Artworks.  In this program, he shares his passion for working in media and offers great insight and numerous examples of how the media arts can inspire people of all ages and be an especially powerful method of communication for teenagers.

Inspire Your Heart with Metals/Jewelry Artist Shayba Muhammad

Jewelry artist Shayba Muhammad uses brass as her medium to make classic minimalist designs for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  In this program we see examples of her work, hear her insights into working with brass, find out what inspires her, and learn how she creates her beautiful pieces.

Inspire Your Heart with Actor and Playwright Stephen Chamineak 

Meet actor, director, and playwright Stephen Chamineak.  Hear him talk about his passion for theatre and the power of theatre as he shares his insights and ideas about acting, auditioning, writing plays, and just having a great time at the theatre.

Inspire Your Heart with Dancer Arianna Russ from Modern American Dance Company

Arianna Russ is a dancer for MADCO, Modern American Dance Company.  In this video she shares her love of dance, talks about the life of a professional dancer, and shares insights into the training, artistry, and power of dance.

Inspire Your Heart with Dancer/Choreographer Jennifer Medina 

Jennifer Medina. Jennifer began her dance training in St. Louis and has danced and choreographed dances for companies across the United States.  She has also started her own company, Common Thread Contemporary Dance, and is now co-director of Skystone Conservatory of the Arts.  In this interview, she shares her love of dance, discusses examples of her work and how she created them, and offers her insights on the power of dance to influence and inspire in unique and important ways.

Inspire Your Heart with Painter/Printmaker Byron Rogers

Painter, printmaker, and teacher at both Kirkwood High School and St. Louis ArtWorks, Byron Rogers joins us for Inspire Your Heart with Art.  He shares  examples of his prints and paintings; talks about what inspires his work; techniques, colors, and subject matter of his work; and the unique opportunities and challenges of his chosen medium.  He also shares his passion for art, how it changed his life, and how he believes it can change the lives of others too.

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