Featured Video: Homeschool 5–Weather

As part of our May partnership with St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspapers in Education, we focus on Summer Parent resources that help parents keep their children learning all summer long.  This home school curriculum package includes videos, learning activities, and reading lists related to the topic of Weather. Sub areas within this package currently include meteorology, weather forecasting, fascinating weather events, radar stations and specific weather events such as lightning, rain, tornados, and turbulence.

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For more learning resources related to helping parents with their children’s summer learning, check out the lessons available from St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspapers in Education.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 267: Home School Weather Package

Download this document to find Educate.Today videos, learning activities, reading lists, and other resources related to the topic of Weather. Subtopics in the package include Forecasting the Weather, Meteorology, Radar Stations, Fascinating Weather Events, Lighting, Rain, Tornados, and Turbulence.