Creating a Flipped Classroom with Tim Gore
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Grades: K - 12

If you say the words “flipped classroom” to most students they will look at you like you’re nuts! In many cases, so will most teachers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t using the method or that they haven’t had huge success with it. So many of our teachers are already implementing this unique form of learning in their everyday lessons, but they just don’t put a name to it. Tim Gore Executive Director of the Educate.Today organization defines and shares his experience with the Flipped Classroom model of teaching and how many educators are using it today. Join us for this in-depth conversation about the Flipped Classroom model and how you can make it work for your students!

Tim speaking on the Educate.Today site

“Once kids realize that what we’re doing in class is meaningful and purposeful and it makes sense that I have done this stuff in advance to get to this point, they will do it.”

“I don’t think people should think about this as the reinvention of the wheel. This is something that you have been doing in different shapes and forms somewhere in your practice already… figure out where it fits in your environment and do it successfully.”

-Tim Gore, The Classroom Matters Podcast

Tim Gore hosting a Live Show with Educate.Today

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • What does a blended learning model classroom look like?
  • Challenges and successes of a flipped model classroom
  • What is the teacher’s role when utilizing the flipped model classroom?

Tim speaking at a panel for Educate.Today

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