Dream It & Do It: A Conversation with Holly Sharp
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Grades: K - 12


This is episode #61 of “Classroom Matters” by Educate.Today.  We are a program dedicated to speaking with some of the most outstanding educators in the nation, covering different topics in the world of teaching and learning.

On today’s episode I will be sitting down with author, career coach and innovative thinker, Holly Sharp as we discuss how to help kids discover career options and interests so they can grow into happy adults. Along with this mission, Holly also works with parents to help them overcome the stress of finding the right hobbies and interests for their kids to help set them in the right direction. Holly talks about working with teachers around approaching the “career” topic with greater purpose in the classroom and her book Dream It & Do It, which presents kids with 100 different career and modern-day role models.

During this conversation we will be discussing why we should stop asking kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up,” the three-step process for developing career interests and advice for parents at every stage of the career choice process.


Classroom Matters Host – Kristy Houle

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