Episode #60: An Educator’s Guide to Using Your 3 Eyes: A Conversation with Dr. Megan Sweet
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Grades: K - 12

This is episode #60 of “Classroom Matters” by Educate.Today.  We are a program dedicated to speaking with some of the most outstanding educators in the nation, covering different topics in the world of teaching and learning.

Megan Sweet is an author and systems-thinker who has been in education for more than twenty-five years. She’s been a teacher, school administrator, and school district leader.  Megan also has a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and her academic and professional interests rest mainly with how to create effective change in educational contexts. She’s passionate about meditation, mindfulness, and the power of love to heal our world.  Megan believes that when we approach educating our youth from the inside-out, by building a supportive and heart-centered connection with ourselves first, we have the confidence and resilience to tackle the important work of transforming our educational settings. Megan shares her unique approach to school change in her book, An Educator’s Guide for Using Your 3 Eyes.

During this conversation we will be discussing the idea behind the “inside out approach” in education and how it impacts student learning, relationships and the overall educational experience for kids and the top 3 challenges we are facing in our educational system today. 


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