How Community Is Supporting Education
Grades: K - 12

In this episode of Classroom Matters, host Kristy Houle chats with Stacy Clay, Senior Vice President and Director of Community Affairs, First Bank and Dr. Steven Coxon, Associate Professor of Education, Maryville University about their involvement with the Education Technology Initiative and how this partnership is assisting St. Louis school districts.

Schools had to pivot incredibly quickly within days and weeks to go to one to one, providing every student with a device and we knew there was significant costs with that.” — Stacy Clay
“We’re going to come out of this pandemic, believe it or not, one day and schools will have this robust distance learning structure.” — Stacy Clay
“We know that world-wide that education technology spending does not equate student achievement gains, unless teachers have that knowledge on how to use the technology effectively.”  –Dr. Steven Coxon