Episode #46: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online, Part 1: A Conversation with Ronna Glickman
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What is the right age to get my child a cell phone? Should I monitor my child’s social media usage? How does too much screen time affect my child? These may be familiar questions you’ve asked yourself. Join host Kristy Houle as she kicks off this three part series with Online Safety Expert, Ronna Glickman.


In this episode you’ll hear…

  • Harms that can arise when children are given unrestricted access to the internet
  • Guidance for parents with kids who are online


“As I saw my kids getting into the social media I saw what it was doing to them and it wasn’t pretty.”
“What we’ve lost sometimes is the parent taking over.”
–Ronna Glickman, The Classroom Matters podcast
Links to…
-Ronna’s website