Episode #45: Helping a Community Grow: Navigate STL Schools
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What started as a grassroots effort by St. Louis parents has turned into a community organization designed to help parents make the best educational choice for their children.  Navigate STL Schools is a non-profit focused on helping St. Louis families find local schools that are the right fit for the unique needs of their children. Join host Kristy Houle as she chats with Executive Director, Anna-Stacia Allen, and Founding Board President and Community Parent, Gloria Nolan, about the challenges families face when looking for the best educational option and how Navigate STL Schools can help.


In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How inequity in the education system surfaces in St. Louis schools
  • How Navigate STL serves as a resource for families
  • How Gloria Nolan and Anna-Stacia Allen came to work for Navigate STL and why it’s so important


“I really became passionate about making sure there was equity within the systems of education so that no matter where lived, no matter what your zip code was, your child could receive a high quality education.” — Gloria Nolan, The Classroom Matters podcast
“Our goal is to really make it easier for parents to navigate and traverse this landscape and really understand how to get your kid into the best educational option for your family.” –Anna-Stacia Allen, The Classroom Matters podcast
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The Navigate STL website