Episode #33: Teaching Special Education Students During the Coronavirus: A Conversation With Christie Johnson

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The Coronavirus has led to multiple challenges for schools and families across the nation and no one has felt that more than families educating students with disabilities.  On a normal day a student that has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) can be seen working with multiple experts and using therapeutic equipment.  So what happens when this is left for the parents to try and replicate at home?  Join host Kristy Houle as she chat with Special Education Administrator Christie Johnson about the obstacles and success they are having with students learning from home.


On this episode you’ll hear…

  • How teachers can help families in the transition to at-home learning for special needs students
  • How parents of special needs students can ease the transition to at-home learning
  • The importance of strong relationships between teachers and parents of special needs students


“We have these families that are already under stress that have kiddos who are special needs, and now that is multiplied because kids are home all day.”

“We hear the stress in the parents’ voice and we hear the discord and we hear the kid in the background getting upset, and it’s so horrible because we have no power and we have no control over the situation and we just want that kid back in our classroom and to relieve the stress of that parent so badly and that can’t be done.”


— Christie Johnson, The Classroom Matters podcast