Episode #32: Teaching Reading At Home: A Conversation With Becky Jennings

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Teaching kids to read can be a difficult task for trained teachers in the best of environments, so you can imagine how difficult it might be for parents trying to teach from home.  The current learning situation across the country is uncertain to say the least, but how can  parents and teachers keep an emerging reader on the right track?  Join host Kristy Houle and guest Becky Jennings as they dive into the world of reading strategies and techniques for keeping kids on the path to reading success.


In this episode you’ll hear…

  • Methods to keep your readers focused
  • The step-by-step break down and analysis of the process of reading
  • The impact literacy has on a child


“When students struggle with reading, especially at a young age they associate reading with something unpleasant.”
“I am sad to say that the reading progress is going down. Only 35% of 4th grade students are reading at a proficient or higher level.” (according to the NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress – Report)
— Becky Jennings, The Classroom Matters podcast
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