Episode #30: A Conversation with Michelle Esswein

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Michelle Esswein is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Winning Women, an organization that promotes an economic environment conducive to growth and development for women in business.  She also produces and hosts a radio show and is the Chief Executive Officer of Teres Entertainment.  Michelle has been recognized around the country for her accomplishments in the business world and as an entrepreneur.  Join host Kristy Houle as she chats with Michelle about how we can encourage young women to seek out their dream of being an entrepreneur and a business owner.
In this episode you’ll hear…
  • How Michelle got her start as an entrepreneur
  • Her involvement with Winning Women
  • Why it’s so important to encourage young women and girls with an interest in entrepreneurship
“Most women start a business because of a need or they are service driven. Most men start a business because they really want to start a business. They want to grow it, sell it and move on.  But women typically really love what they are doing, they saw a need and they want to change that.”
–Michelle Esswein, The Classroom Matters Podcast
Links to…
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