Episode #28: A Conversation with Tre Gammage

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Social-Emotional development in students is a vital component of any child’s school day. How students respond and internalize peer interactions can either motivate or damage a student’s mindset. Join host Kristy Houle as she chats with Social-Emotional learning expert Tre Gammage to find out how the public education system is addressing these developmental stages.


Tre’s book,

Every Decision Counts: 8 Lessons I Wish They Taught Me in School



In this episode you’ll hear…

  • The importance of social-emotional learning
  • How to use it in educational settings
  • Some of Tre’s 8 lessons

“I want to be able to help school communities live their best purpose, be their best selves, be able to live and practice social-emotional learning skills.”

“I think the value that comes with building good people trumps any academic test score you can receive.”
–Tre Gammage, The Classroom Matters Podcast
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