A Look Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Tiffany Allen, School Secretary
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Grades: K - 12

Anyone that has ever worked in a public school setting know that the school secretary is the first person that most parents and community members see.  It sometimes falls on them to set the tone and climate of the school building and to keep things running smoothly.  This may seem like an easy task, but we will learn differently in this episode of Classroom Matters.  Join host Kristy Houle as she sits down with school secretary Tiffany Allen as they dive into a behind the scenes look at how the front office runs in an effective school environment.


In this podcast you’ll hear:

  • The many challenges of being a school secretary
  • How good student-secretary relationships are formed
  • How to show your school secretary your appreciation


“Setting the tone and climate of a school is not really difficulty if you’re friendly with the parents and genuine, people know the difference.”
“At the end of the day I’ve always been for students, period, that’s my job, that my main focus.”
–Tiffany Allen, The Classroom Matters Podcast