I Can’t Come to Rehearsal, Cause the Hogs Got Out: A Conversation with Tom Tobias and Ed Grooms
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Grades: K - 12

How important are the arts in today’s classroom? It seems as though the arts programs are always the first to be cut when school budgets get low. In today’s episode of Classroom Matters I will be chatting with Tom Tobias and Ed Grooms about arts education and the impact it has when we remove it from the public-school setting. Tom is a retired K-12 arts teacher and has also spent time with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education serving as the Arts Education Director. Ed Grooms has been in education for over 50 years in which he taught a wide variety arts curriculum and gifted students. Join me in my conversation as we tackle such topics as assessment of the arts, fostering creativity and the long-term benefits of arts programs in public education.

Tom Tobias

In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How budget cuts affect the arts
  • How arts classes can positively influence learning in core classes
  • What the arts have to do with STEAM

Ed Grooms


“I can’t imagine a school without the arts, so it’s really up to the art teacher to maintain a vibrant program.”  –Tom Tobias

“Arts integration can teach creative problem solving which is where we’re headed curriculum wise in terms of 21st century skills.”  –Ed Grooms