Episode #18: Student Series Pt. 3
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This week’s Classroom Matters episode wraps up  with part three of our Student Series on student preparedness for higher education and careers.  Jack Pifer, a current high school senior sits down and talks with host, Kristy Houle about making his way through his last year of public school and the pressures of being an athlete.  Jack also shares his thoughts on what makes an effective teacher and cell phone usage in the classroom setting.
“I think there’s a lot of challenges but at the same time there’s nothing that isn’t manageable.  It’s all about  how you use what you’ve been given.”
” Repetitive lessons are good in some scenarios. It always depends on the kid because some people excel at different things than others.  So a lesson that is hard for me, could be easier for someone else to understand.”
–Jack Pifer, The Classroom Matters Podcast