Student Series Pt. 2
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Grades: K - 12

This week’s Classroom Matters episode continues with part two of our Student Series on student preparedness for higher education and careers.  Nicole Moore, a recent high school graduate, and now college student sits down with host Kristy Houle to discuss the characteristics of both effective and ineffective teachers.  Nicole also discusses how prepared she felt for life after high school and the role school district members had in moving her forward and keeping her on the right track.


“If you’re absent and you come back you’ve missed so much and the teacher can’t go back to re-teach you the lesson.”
“I have always been terrible at math so getting more math problems always helped me.”
“He(my teacher) was very energetic and very loud and obnoxious, but in a good way,
and he just made it fun, and made me want to learn about it.  That was a cool experience.”
Nicole Moore, The Classroom Matters Podcast