Episode #14 – The Teacher Shortage Crisis: Where Are We Going Wrong
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The nation has been facing a teacher shortage for some time now and folks may be wondering how we have gotten to this point and what we can do to fix it. It’s no secret that the field of teaching has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Our nation’s teachers have seen those changes up close and personal and many are making the decision to leave the field altogether.  During this episode of Classroom Matters, we will have a chance to hear from Chief Human Resources Officer, Amy Joyce, about why this teacher shortage is occurring and some strategies that her school district is taking to hire and retain highly-qualified educators.


On this episode you’ll hear…

  • Methods of keeping teachers in their positions
  • The importance of teacher relationships
  • Ways to prepare teachers for the obstacles ahead


“We have to fix our teacher salaries. We have to put more resources into paying our teachers better.”

“What are you doing to acclimate that new teacher into your climate and culture? Are the connected to the school community and the parents and mentors? …Do they completely understand their job?”

“Teachers have the number one job when it comes to student achievement and impact.”

–Amy Joyce, The Classroom Matters podcast


Links to…

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