Transforming a Student’s Worldview: A Conversation with Lauren Wiser
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Grades: K - 12

Engaging students in meaningful, memorable learning experiences can transform a child’s worldview. It is this belief that fuels the mission at Springboard to Learning to develop children’s abilities to think critically, create, collaborate and communicate. Springboard to Learning envisions a future where all children are passionate, engaged learners who experience success.  In this episode of Classroom Matters, join me in my conversation with Lauren Wiser to learn more about this innovative approach to education.


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“The programming supports what we call the Four C’s. And that’s creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.”

“…arts learning and STEM learning is inexorably linked.”

“Our whole vision is to make kids passionate and engaged with the material and the way to do that is to take this very limited world view of ‘this is what you’re learning inside school’ and to show them ‘this is how it connects to the outside world.'”

“We’ve found that the earlier we can embed arts into a child’s learning, all of the benefits only grow.”

— Lauren Wiser, The Classroom Matters Podcast


In this episode you’ll hear…

  • The Four C’s of Springboard to Learning’s Program
  • How the arts can teach students their core curriculum
  • The advantages of incorporating art into children’s lives


Links to…

– Springboard to Learning’s website