Ready? or Not… Teacher Preparedness with Stephanie Koscielski
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Grades: K - 12

Most teachers knew at an early age that education was the career path they wanted to take, but at what cost?  In today’s world of bullying, state and national testing, school violence, and academic standards, it’s no wonder that we are facing a teacher shortage.  At the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Stephanie Koscielski is working diligently to ensure that educators are highly qualified and able to walk into the classroom and achieve academic success.  Using a new technique of student-teaching, called the Studio Schools Model, teacher candidates are given a sort-of on the job reality check of what being a teacher is really all about.  Listen in as Stephanie and I discuss the working components of this student-teaching model and what direction teacher education is going.

Photo via August Jennewein for UMSL

Stephanie receiving an Outstanding Service award on behalf of the School of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

“We have our teachers think very intentionally ahead of time. What are they going to explore in their content and in their pedagogy? How will their lesson be enacted? What will happen first, second, and third? And finally, when their lesson is fully enacted, what do they really want their students to know?”

“We’re not saying to sit around and observe at any point in their practicum, we’re saying we want you up and active and teaching…”

— Stephanie Koscielski, The Classroom Matters podcast


In this episode you’ll hear…

  • The steps involved in becoming a teacher by today’s standards
  • How social media can effect your teaching career
  • The importance of flexibility and adaptability as a teacher

Links to…

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