Environment 32: Vermicomposting 101 with Maggie McCoy

Want to know how to set up and run your own vermicomposting bin using the power of worms to create compost for your garden?  Then view this video demonstration with Maggie McCoy, Education and Volunteer Coordinator at the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Student Tools

Student Tool 66: Video Reflection Worksheet

Students can use this activity on their own to share their learning and insights about any video they watch independently, and this Student Tool can also be used in conjunction with Teacher Tool 318: Sharing Your Insights Through A Reflection Worksheet as part of a classroom or homeschool activity.


Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 318: Cross Curricular Activity--Video Reflection

This teacher tool, accompanying the video above, provides an Interdisciplinary activity that invites students to complete a reflection worksheet to share learning and insights they gained by watching the video.