Education Administration Part 3: Curriculum/Instruction and Operations

Course Description:

This one credit hour course taught by Dr. Art McCoy, Superintendent of the Jennings, MO School District, will expand the student’s reservoir of information and background knowledge concerning the superintendency and district level education leadership.  Students will be asked to utilize online video lectures, view an interview(s) with leaders, complete various readings and an entry plan, and take an exam to achieve the learning goals of this course.

Credit Hour (1)–Independent Completion – 1 credit hour

Required Text or Website–

Subject Competencies–This course will emphasize the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) 2015 with particular emphasis on the following activities and objectives:

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify emerging issues and trends effecting the superintendency, superintendent’s success, and education policy as well as review the “Professional Ethical Standard of Superintendents.”
  2. Investigate curriculum and instruction as to relates to various philosophies of education.
  3. Investigate the function of operations procedures at the district level including school finance, how school funding works, Superintendents Partnerships with Business, and the importance of human resources and diversity in American schools
  4. Highlight standards and examples from the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) 2015

An excerpt from Dr. McCoy’s instructional video for the course is provided above.  Once students enroll in the course, they will be sent the web url for the entire course video and a password to use to access the video.  In addition to Dr. McCoy’s instructional video, students are also responsible for watching and responding to the two videos listed below:

Education Leadership 14: A Conversation with Stephanie Alexander, Missouri Association of School Personnel Administrators

Education Leadership 10: A Conversation with Maxine Clark, Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop

More course details including an outline of course topics, course readings and assignments, and a course grading scale are provided in the Student Tool below.

This course is currently available for enrollment in two ways:

  1.  Through Educate.Today for a personal CEU certificate–COST $225
  2.  Through Educate.Today with graduate credit from Lindenwood University–COST an additional $75 paid directly to Lindenwood University  (The Lindenwood University course number is EW51303.)

Upon completion of the course (with approval from Dr. McCoy), students will receive a certificate of completion from Educate.Today.  Students choosing to also enroll for college credit with Lindenwood University will receive a grade for the course, college credit hour, and the Educate.Today certificate of completion.

Have questions about the course?  E-mail us at  Put “Education Administration Course” in the subject line.

To enroll for this course, contact Educate.Today at 314-531-4455 and ask for Boyd Pickup.  

Student Tools
Student Tool 79: Course Description for Education Administration: the Superintendency – Part 3 Curriculum/Instruction and Operations
Download this document for additional details about this online course. Contents include: 1) outline of course topics, 2) course readings and assignments, 3) course grading scale.