EdTA 2: EdTA Model Cornerstone Assessments

In this short video Theatre educator Laurie Melnik talks about the impact of creating models of assessment aligned to the National Core Theatre standards.

Model Cornerstone Assessments

Model cornerstone assessments (MCA’s) are field tested units of instruction that include examples of summative assessment aligned to the National Core Arts Standards. MCAs, illustrate the type of evidence needed to demonstrate  learning in theatre for grades 2, 5, 8 and at three levels in high school.

The videos, student work and teacher tools available on this page provide sample model cornerstone assessments (MCAs) for grades two, five, eight and three levels of high school.  Each MCA is paired with student work samples which were scored at or above standard.

Keywords: MCA, model cornerstone assessment, unit, teacher tool

Click on any of the videos to the right to see examples of Theatre Model Cornerstone Assessments with Student Work deemed at or above standard and the Teacher Tools and/or Student Tools that accompany them.