Introduction to Model Cornerstone Assessments

Model Cornerstone Assessment Units

Model cornerstone assessments (MCA’s) are field tested units of instruction aligned to the National Theatre Standards which include examples showing how to assess student learning in theatre as a model for teachers who wish to build similar units of their own. Each Model Cornerstone Assessment unit was created by a theatre teacher and each comes bundled with sample video, audio or pdf files that represent student work from the teacher’s classroom. This work was submitted as part of a national project and adjudicated by a team of benchmarkers in a rigorous process to identify clear examples of student learning and achievement.

View the video above to hear Laurie Melnik, Theatre Educator from Tennessee, explain the value she found in participating in creating the Model Cornerstone Assessments.

View the units to the right to access Model Cornerstone Assessment packages. Each describes the lesson and provides a link to download a copy of the unit, and includes videos of student performances and more. You may find it helpful to download the MCA unit and take a look at the rubric as you explore the videos and other evidence of student learning.

Keywords: MCA, model cornerstone assessment, unit, teacher tool