Digging Into It
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Grades: 3 - 12

Whether you’ve got a big yard, small plot, or a balcony or window sill for some containers, there’s a lot of ways to dig into the soil for summer learning, and we’ve got a variety of Educate.Today videos on bugs, gardening, and archaeology to help you out. Celebrate June’s National Gardening Week, National Pollinator Week, and Fresh Veggies Day along with the July 19, 1799 discovery of the Rosetta Stone as you learn this summer.

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    Quick Ideas for Summer Learning through Digging Into It:

    • Have a child fascinated by bugs big and small? Check out these ET videos to help them learn more about a “bug’s life” before they go out and dig for some specimens to identify and include as part of their summer bug collection.
    • Use these ET videos to inspire a combination of healthy eating and physical activity through window sill, balcony, and backyard gardening options and healthy eating choices your kids can make this summer.
    • Incorporate math, science, and mapping skills as kids work on their own archaeological dig. Have them learn from archaeologists about what happens at a dig in these ET videos. Use toys and other objects to create an artifacts site outside, an inside version with a tub and soil, or even a cake layered with “edible artifacts” baked in.
    • Growing some flower gardeners and butterfly collectors around your house? For flowers to bloom and fruits and vegetables to grow, nature has to provide pollinators. Use these ET videos to add summer learning on the topic to kids’ activities as they collect and identify butterflies, grow some flowers, or shop at a farmer’s market.