Dance 22: Choreographers: Gina Patterson


This episode of Choreographers takes us into the rehearsal studio with Emmy Award winning choreographer, Gina Patterson.

Since 1998, Patterson has created more than 80 original works, ten of them full-evening productions for companies including VOICE, Atlanta Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, and many others.

Her ballets have been presented internationally in Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Spain.

Since 2009, the master teacher and coach has been the artistic director of VOICE Dance Company, a project-based laboratory for her work. With a long performance career as a principal artist and almost thirty years as a professional in the field, Patterson brings a rich and varied background to her art.

As a performer, she has worked with many prominent choreographers, dancing principal roles in both the classical and contemporary repertoire and performed as a guest artist around the world.

As a sought after choreographer, she’s earned numerous awards and was selected five times for the Ballet Builder’s Showcase in New York, and was recently nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award – Outstanding Achievement in Choreography. Patterson is the winner of the Hubbard Street 2 National Choreographic Competition and the National Choreographic Initiative.

Patterson’s relationship with her dancers is symbiotic, especially with her collaboration with MADCO.

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