Constitution Day Programs
Grades: 7 - 12

Group Description:  Our Constitution Day series, produced in collaboration with Missouri Bar, is targeted to middle school and high school students.  Programs explore the ongoing impacts and implications of the United States Constitution with scholars, historians, political scientists, and those who apply the Constitution in their practice.

Type of Video:  Each video in the series is a standards-aligned 45 to 60 minute program that offers in depth exploration of the program topic as students interact with national experts on a topic related to the ongoing impacts and implications of the United States Constitution.

To view a sample program in the series, click on the video above.  To view additional programs in the series, click on any of the thumbnails to the right and become a member of Educate.Today.  For a spreadsheet listing all our Constitution Day programs, click here.

Quick Ideas for Using our Constitution Day Programs:

  • Provide the videos as an enrichment opportunity for students to learn more about the topic explored in the video.
  • Have students engaging in an individual or group research project on topics related to the program view the video to obtain background information, quotations from experts, examples, and other types of information they could use in their research to create their final project, paper, or presentation.
  • Use the video for teacher research to learn more about the topic and determine segments of the program you could show in class as your students study the Constitution and/or specific topics which are highlighted in a program.
  • Check out segments edited from each of the full-length programs that are available separately on our Educate.Today website.  Just search by appropriate keyword or by viewing the videos available in our “In History” and “In Social Studies” focus areas.