University of Northern Colorado Curriculum Units

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Lesson Plan Bank University Partner
Dr. Mary Schuttler
Professor of Theatre Education
University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, Colorado

School of Theatre Arts and Dance
College of Performing and Visual Arts


These detailed curricular units have been provided by pre-service Theatre Education students in Dr. Mary Schuttler’s method’s classes.  All units were piloted in Colorado schools as a part of the student coursework.   The units were then adjudicated by teams of benchmarkers from EdTA–veteran teachers and troupe directors from our membership.   All curricular units are aligned to Colorado state standards for Theatre Education and all have been cross mapped to the National Core Theatre Standards.  Each unit contains the following sections:

  • Map & Calendar showing required time for instruction
  • Detailed demographics for the piloting school
  • Unit goals, standards and lesson objectives
  • Day to day lesson plans
  • Suggested supporting materials
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Analysis of Assessment results from pilot
  • Additional guided activities and connections

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