Classroom Resource Package 31: Literature and Language Arts

What does it take to write a novel or play? How do you take a story idea in your mind or transform a newspaper or magazine article you read or an historic event you have some familiarity with into a full-fledged short story, novel or play with characters, dialogue, settings, and themes? Investigate these questions and more through the resources available in our Literature and Language Arts Resource Package. You and your students will find author interviews, explorations of important works like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Giver,” and Shakespeare’s plays as well as comparisons and contrasts between a story in book form and that same story adapted for the stage. Spending some time with a good book is always a good thing, and we think you’ll find spending some time exploring Educate.Today’s Literature and Language Arts videos and related resources a good thing too.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 495: Literature and Language Arts Video Titles

Download this document to find the titles and length of Educate.Today videos included in this resource package.