Resource Package 12: Music and Dance
Grades: K - 12

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At Educate.Today, we are committed to providing high quality videos, lesson plans, activity ideas, and other resources related to the exciting and diverse world of fine arts curriculum.  Our Music and Dance resource package is another example of that commitment.  Full of videos that take students to the performance spaces and workspaces of dance and music professionals, these resources connect students studying music and dance to professionals engaged in the work on a daily basis.  Learn from choreographers as they describe the piece they wanted to create and the movement used to bring it to life.  Listen to singers and musicians as they share their performance talents and articulate insights into why and how they create the way they do.  Compare and contract genres as diverse (and maybe surprisingly similar) as blues, jazz, and Scottish folk music.  And check out the connections between music and mathematics.  All this and more awaits you in our Music and Dance resource package.

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