Episode #6: Teacher of the Year Beth Davey – Keeping Arts in the Schools
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In 2018 Beth Davey, a music teacher from the Ritenour School District was named Teacher of the Year by Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  What Beth soon realized was that “with great power comes great responsibility” …or was that Spiderman? Listen in as Ms. Davey talks about her year spent as Teacher of the Year, and how she used that time to advocate for keeping and sustaining arts classes in education.  It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!


Photo via Google for Education

“We are all artists because we’re humans. And the way we communicate is through art.”

“Teachers will work to see that their kids get their best… We are fearless advocates for our students.”

“We all deserve affirmation and we all deserve to be able to listen to each other when we hear each others’ passion.”

— Beth Davey, The Classroom Matters Podcast


In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How serving as Missouri’s 2018 Teacher of the Year has inspired Beth
  • Why teaching the arts in education is a vital component of a student’s success
  • Strategies to enhance a student’s artistic characteristics and talents.

Photo via The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Beth in music class with her students.

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