Preparing Students for a World of Technology with Don Goble
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Grades: K - 12

You’ve heard the buzzwords…, technology, interactive, innovative, but what do they really mean and how can you use them effectively in a classroom setting?  Teaching with innovation and technology is nothing new to the world of education, but are we truly doing it right? How is it possible for teachers to prepare students for future careers that don’t yet exist?  Don Goble, award-winning speaker, author and multimedia educator sits down with host Kristy Houle to discuss the true meaning of teaching technology and media in today’s classroom in an effort to prepare students for an ever-changing society and the technology that lives around us. 


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“I do think it’s really hard for teachers to leave the structure, leave the format that they grew up in, that maybe they were trained in.”

“They [kids] won’t learn a work ethic until you give them an opportunity to learn that work ethic.”

“They like the content, they like what they’re learning. But I also think we can make learning fun.”

— Don Goble, The Classroom Matters Podcast



In this episode, you’ll hear

  • How to use innovative ways to leverage video and media literacy into the classroom or business setting.
  • Students taking initiative and control of their own learning
  • Simple things that teachers can do to accomplish a more student-led classroom

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