Episode #1: How Less is More with Dr. Bill Daggett
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Dr. Bill Daggett is here to chat about the annual Model Schools Conference and how to get educators to become more future-focused to prepare students for what is ahead of them. We also get a chance to discuss the Rigor/Relevance Framework and how this approach had led hundreds of schools in successful transformations.

Before founding and now serving as Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education, Dr. Daggett was a teacher, local administrator, and a director with the New York State Education Department.  He has spent his career figuring out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a child’s academic success. While an avid supporter of public education, he courageously challenges teachers and administrators to be more focused on our children’s future than on maintaining the schools of our youth. His insights and leadership has caused nearly every major education association in the country, hundreds of school districts, numerous political and business leaders, publishers, and others to seek out his advice and guidance. 

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“Whatever I teach, I try to show the kids how it is relevant to what they are either now doing in their lives or will do as adults.”

— Dr. Bill Daggett, The Classroom Matters Podcast



In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • Forward-Focused vs. Future-Focused
  • Strategies to get teachers to be less resistant to change
  • The importance of teaching non-cognitive skills to students

Dr. Bill Daggett’s Rigor/Relevance Framework


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