Classroom Management, Then and Now
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Grades: K - 12

On today’s episode I will be sitting down for a second time with Dr. Rick Chromey, the founder and president of MANNA! Educational Services International, a nonprofit organization that serves schools, churches, and other organizations with inspirational edu-trainment. He’s penned over a dozen books on classroom management, leadership, and cultural analysis, including his most recent work “GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are.” Rick has a doctorate in leadership and specializes in American history, pop culture and generations.  Dr. Chromey is an expert in the field of classroom management, motivating students and leadership in education. During this conversation we will be discussing how the term “classroom management” has changed over the last five years and how to effectively keep kids learning independently.


Classroom Matters Host – Kristy Houle

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Link to Dr. Rick Chromey’s site