When Did That Happen? Archaeology
Grades: 3 - 8

Video Description: Learn about important events and people in the history of archaeology.

Type of Video: Topical*
Unique Video ID: Chronology-7**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • Before viewing the video, have students brainstorm a list of events related to archaeology (i.e.: discovery of King Tut’s tomb) and then see which events are included in the timeline video. For events not included, have students research to learn when they happened and what occurred.
  • Have students create an updated timeline video incorporating their events with the ones included in the video.


*Topical videos are filmed on location in the classroom/workspace/laboratory, in studio, or a combination of both to explain and/or demonstrate specific concepts, events, topics, or processes.

**The unique Video ID can be used to quickly locate a single video in the ET collection. This search function is designed to let teachers assign students to watch a specific video and have only that video appear as a search result. Just click on Search and choose “By Video ID.” Then type in the Video ID as it appears above. Be sure to include the dash.