Aviation 22: Helicopters–How They Fly

How do helicopters fly so differently from an airplane?  Find out in this video.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 579: Arts Integration Activity--Expressing Understanding Through Drama or a Graphic Novel

Use this Teacher Tool with the videos listed below to give students an opportunity to share their understanding of concepts they have learned from the videos through the creation of a dramatic scene or graphic novel. Videos for the activity include the one on the web page where you found this tool as well as others listed below:
Aviation 10: How Does That Work? Flight Control Surfaces of an Airplane
Aviation 11: How Does That Work? Helicopters
Aviation 13: Four Forces That Affect Flight
Aviation 19: Aerodynamic Principles and Paper Airplanes
Aviation 20: G Forces at Work--Pitch, Roll, and Yaw in a Supersonic Airplane
Aviation 21: G Forces at Work--Pitch, Roll, and Yaw in an Aerobatic Stunt Plane
Aviation 22: Helicopters--How They Fly