About Us

Created by educators for use by educators, students, parents, and life-long learners, Educate.Today is committed to creating the highest quality learning resources available.

Student and educator focused and standards-based, our videos and related curriculum resources and our live and interactive programs authentically link students and the curriculum they study to individuals and organizations who are applying that curriculum in the real world.

We offer:

  • high-quality, standards-based video resources targeted for use in whole class, small group, or individualized and differentiated learning settings.
  • single curriculum and cross-curricular activity ideas and lesson plans related to those video resources.
  • award winning free, live interactive programs connecting your students to real world experts who are applying the curriculum content, problem solving skills, and critical and creative thinking skills your students are studying in class.
  • on-demand A la Carte interactive programs whose content and time frame you target to best meet your students’ learning needs.
  • the best in professional development for both the use of our resources and other topics important to creating a successful learning environment.

Combining its educational commitment and expertise with the technological innovation and programmatic quality of its collaborative partner HEC-TV, St. Louis’ leading producer of education and arts television programming, Educate.Today is committed to engaging viewers,  enhancing learning, and empowering students and teachers to achieve unparalleled success.

Learn more about our collaborative partner, HEC-TV, at http://www.hectv.org.

Learn more about our Education Team by clicking on their biographies below:

Tim Gore–Director of Educational Initiatives

Kristy Houle–Educational Outreach Coordinator

Helen Headrick–Point to Point Coordinator