Theatre 46: On Boxing and Fight Choreography

Meet the three actors who played Cassius Clay, Corky Baker, and Zbigniew Pietrzykowski in Metro Theater Company’s production of “And In This Corner…Cassius Clay.” Learn about how they worked with the play’s fight choreographer to create boxing matches that are an integral part of the play.

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Student Tool 66: Video Reflection Worksheet

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Teacher Tool 252: Cassius Project Theater Arts Activity Ideas

This teacher tool provides activity ideas in the area of Theater Arts that are related to videos in the “Cassius Project” series of videos available on the Educate.Today website. Videos in the series are: Theater 41: Meet the Playwright, Theater 42: Meet the Players, Theater 43: Scene 1--Cassius Meets Officer Joe Martin , Theater 44: Scene 2--Learning the News of Emmett Till's Death, Theater 45: Scene 3--Eddie and Cassius Go to a Whites Only Diner, and Theater 46: On Boxing and Fight Choreography.


Teacher Tool 318: Cross Curricular Activity--Video Reflection

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