Theatre 69: What Does a Stage Manager Do?

A stage manager describes her job.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 576: Arts Integration Activity--Expressing Understanding Through Drama or a Graphic Novel

Use this Teacher Tool with the videos listed below to give students an opportunity to share their understanding of concepts they have learned from the videos through the creation of a dramatic scene or graphic novel. Videos for the activity include the one on the web page where you found this tool as well as others listed below:
Theatre 62: What does a production manager do?
Theatre 63: What does an operations manager do?
Theatre 69: What does a stage manager do?
Theatre 70: What does a scenic designer do?
Theatre 71: What does a lighting designer do?
Theatre 72: What does a costume designer do?
Theatre 82: What does an artistic director of a theatre company do?
Theatre 88: What is the role of a theatre critic?