Sample Video 73: Transportation 18: How Does That Work? Traffic Signal Control System

Learn how a city’s traffic control systems work to keep traffic flowing.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 581: Arts Integration Activity--Expressing Understanding Through Drama or a Graphic Novel

Use this Teacher Tool with the videos listed below to give students an opportunity to share their understanding of concepts they have learned from the videos through the creation of a dramatic scene or graphic novel. Videos for the activity include the one on the web page where you found this tool as well as others listed below:
Transportation 1: What happens if I’m going to ride a train?
Transportation 2: What’s the size of a train?
Transportation 3: What do the engineer and other personnel do to make sure the train runs smoothly?
Transportation 4: Control Panel Explanation
Transportation 5:Train Control Operator in Action
Transportation 7: Explanation of Wheel Carriage
Transportation 8: Locomotive Power Plant
Transportation 9: Starting a Locomotive
Transportation 16: How Does That Work? Magnetic Levitation Trains
Transportation 18: How Does That Work? Traffic Signal Control