Sample Video 69: Military 11: Veterans Day 2015–Vietnam

Hear two military veterans share their stories of service and sacrifice and learn some history of the Vietnam War as they describe their tours of duty.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 184: Veterans Day 2105 Vietnam Study Guide

Use this document to learn more about the archived program. Contents include a program description, a time-coded program agenda, related curriculum standards, and learning activities related to the program.


Teacher Tool 327: How I Use the Website--A Writing and Listening Activity

In this teacher tool, an Educate.Today member shares an example of using the website with her elementary students in a writing and listening activity. Have a lesson plan idea using Educate.Today resources that you'd like to share? Write it up and send us an e-mail to


Teacher Tool 329: Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources

Educate.Today is full of primary sources to use with your students. This teacher tool focuses on understanding the difference between primary sources and secondary sources and provides an example of an activity to do with students to build their effective use of primary sources in a research project.