Sample Video 29: Geology 1: Explore! Fossils

Learning about fossils begins with discovery and continues with meticulous investigation until the conditions are just right to remove the specimen from its natural environment. Then the real exploration begins in the laboratory. How can artifacts from our past teach us about about life before our time and help guide our future? Where can fossils be found? How can they be successfully extracted? What do they tell us about life on our planet before our time? View this archived program and find out.

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Teacher Tool 47: Explore Fossils Study Guide


Teacher Tool 322: How I Use the Website--Studying Fossils

In this teacher tool, an Educate.Today member shares an example of using the website with elementary students in their study of fossils. Have a lesson plan idea using Educate.Today resources that you'd like to share? Write it up and send us an e-mail to